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Angkorian temple Prasat Thom at Koh Ker (early 10th century).<br />
The Prang or temple tower is the highest ever constructed by the Khmer, rising 36 meters above the forest floor, when consecrated in 921 a 4 metre tall linga was enshrined at its summit. <br />
Koh Ker temple complex is a remote archaeological site in the jungle of Preah Vihear province in northern Cambodia. Inscriptions found at the site say the name of the ancient town was Chok Gargyar. Briefly in the reign of Jayavarman IV and Harshavarman II (928–944 AD) it was the capital of the Khmer Empire.Koh Ker was also known as Lingapura (City of Lingams), all of the monuments here are dedicated to Hindu deities, mainly Shiva.