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Columns in the Great Hypostyle Hall in the Precinct of Amun.The hall covers 50,000 sq ft.The roof which has now fallen was supported by 134 columns in 16 rows, the 2 middle rows are higher than the others being 33 feet in circumference and 80 feet high.The hall was built by the Pharaoh Seti I who ruled Egypt from 1290 or 1294 BC -1279 BC and was completed by his son the Pharaoh Ramesses II who ruled from 1279-1213 BC.  Karnak is part of the ancient city of Thebes ( built in and around modern day Luxor).The building of the Temple complex at Karnak began in the reign of the Pharaoh Senusret I who ruled Egypt from 1971 -1926 BC. Approximately 30 Pharaohs contributed to the building of the complex and in so doing made it the largest ancient religious site in the world. The ancient name for Karnak is Ipet-isut (Most select of places).