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Angkorian temple Banteay Srei (late 10th century) 967.<br />
All three sanctuary towers have carvings on the western side with pediments showing Varuna, gaurdian god of the west riding on geese.The lintels show Ravana abducting Sita.The structure on the right of the picture is the southern library showing Shiva and Uma with Kama firing a love arrow at Shiva.<br />
Three sanctuary towers.The central sanctuary and the southern sanctuary were dedicated to Shiva and the northern sanctuary was dedicated to Vishnu.<br />
Banteay Srei temple is situated 20km north of Angkor, built during the reign of Rajendravarman by Yajnavaraha, one of his counsellors. In antiquity Isvarapura was a small city that grew up around the temple. Banteay Srei was dedicated to the worship of Shiva, the foundation stele describes the consecration of the linga Tribhuvanamahesvara (Lord of the three worlds) in 967.